Sunday, November 21, 2010

Editing and uploading shots

After over 1200 miles round trip I'm home. Took over 450 shots but only using about 425 of them. The Hot Rod Revolution was a killer show, from the town to the venue to the amazing rides that showed up, just a great time all around!

So as I edit and upload the shots I'm listening to a little Social Distortion. Yeah that's an amazon link, yes I get paid if you buy something after clicking on that, it costs me money to go to these shows and shoot these pictures to show you all for free (over $300 this trip plus 18+ hours on the road), so help me out by buying something!

The shots will be going up all night as they are huge but they are looking much better than the rough edits from the laptop. Check the shots out here.

 If you like the kind of cars that this show featured, you should check out The Jalopy Journal, the owner of the site is the show promoter and this show was what the site is all about. Very cool rides built the traditional way.

 Probably the coolest part of the day for me was looking behind me and seeing Jimmie Vaughan pulling in! That's one way to make a cool show even cooler.

Okay, back to editing! Hope you enjoy the pics.

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