Monday, January 31, 2011

Kool Kustom Kar photography isn't all that I do...

Those that know me in the real world know that the other overwhelming passion in my life has been music since I was a kid. About 11 years ago I started working at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, KS on the side. Blue Heaven is a recording studio built into what was originally the First Christian Church in Salina. Check out the link above for more info on this beautiful studio.

Fast forward to today, I'm enjoying some Pandora radio at my desk at the day job, when a familiar voice starts playing in my ears. Both in 2009 and in 2010 we at Blue Heaven had the pleasure to record an Austin artist named Dan Dyer. Both times the sessions were captured Direct To Disk, meaning that we recorded him and his band, straight from the mics, through the console, mixed live and recorded onto the cutting lathe. In layman's terms we're making an actual record (there are a couple more steps but I'm trying to be brief!), this is different from the typical over-production that goes on in today's music world. Gone are the artifacts of recording into one medium, overdubbing, editing, possibly mixing to another medium (going through the console again), etc etc etc, all of which add noise to the music, noise that takes away from the recording.  Direct to Disk recording is not used very much, hasn't been used much in the last 30 or so years, but we do it because it's how to get the best, cleanest possible recordings.

This video is NOT from the Blue Heaven sessions but shows off some of Dyer's amazing music.

If you go to Dyer's bandcamp site you can buy the music as a download, paying what you want to pay, it can also be found on Amazon as well.  Check out Dan Dyer, I think you'll be glad that you did.

There are currently 13 of our D2D recordings available on the Acoustic Sounds website, most of them are blues based, if you have a turntable and want to hear the best possible sound quality, these are the way to get it!

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