Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Torque Fest is just around the corner!!!

First off, if you don't know about Vintage Torque Fest, where have ya been? It's only one of the coolest shows ever. and I mean like forever ever, it's that cool, and it's happening April 29-30, 2011!

The schedule is chock full of kickass goodness. The Maquoketa, IA show kicks off Friday at noon, then at 3pm there's a cruise over to Maquoketa Caves. At 4:45pm the bands start up, and it's a great list of bands! Add is some good old fashioned dirt track racing and a drive-in movie and now there's just too much coolness for one night to contain. Click the first sentence of this paragraph to see the full rundown of the weekend's schedule.

There's so much that kicks so much butt about this show that it's hard for me to describe it. The show goes to benefit a great cause, Helping Hannah's Heart. The guy that puts it on is a buddy of mine and an all around fantastic dude. The cars that showed up to the first VTF last year were great. Getting cars out on a dirt track is wicked cool. Loud rock n roll music...enough said! Drive in movies, tons of great folks... I could just go on and on. Oh and don't forget Wayne Hancock is performing!

Instead, here's some pics from last year's show. Click on any photo to go to the gallery and see the entire 555 photo set. Remember every picture that you buy as a print or download helps me get to another show and provide more coverage for you!

Now it's time for some dirt trackin'!

So go now, check out Vintage Torque Fest and make plans to be there April 29-30!

Thanks for reading, see you at a show (it really oughta be this one!)


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