Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day in Small Town U.S.A.

Every year on Memorial Day my Uncle Paul and his wife Sandy have a celebration where the family and friends can come together, have some food, share some quality time and of course pay our respects for those that the day is truly for.
I'll quote his words that describe the day:
"Some of us neighbors get together and decorate 5 local cemeteries by placing flags on military veteran's graves. The American Legion provides permanent flag holders and we stroll along remembering the folks we used to know and pause to read about those who were here long before us."

On Memorial Day we gathered together and shared some good home cooked food, including home made ice cream and cakes, we hung out, we talked, we laughed we even had a parade through the downtown of our small town, just for us. Here's some pics of the cars that were present.

Larry's famous rod
Memorial Day_20110530_010

Memorial Day_20110530_011

Memorial Day_20110530_014

Memorial Day_20110530_018

a couple of the old man's rides

Memorial Day_20110530_021

He just picked this beaut up from Bobwop
Memorial Day_20110530_022

And this one as well...
Memorial Day_20110530_026

Here's his 54 with the factory installed Hydromatic
Memorial Day_20110530_032

My Galaxie
Memorial Day_20110530_033

Larry's A
Memorial Day_20110530_034

Dick's ride finally has an interior...and it's Niiiiiiiiice (and I didn't take pics of it.... dammit)
Memorial Day_20110530_038

Mrs. Povertyflats' 57
Memorial Day_20110530_052

Wheelie Popper Extraordinaire
Memorial Day_20110530_053

Memorial Day_20110530_054

Memorial Day_20110530_055

Memorial Day_20110530_061

Memorial Day_20110530_066

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