Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Royboy goes to the Hot Rod Revolution Part 4-11

not much to say this time, the cars say more than I ever could 

As one would expect in Austin, the music was fantastic. I didn't get shots of all of the bands but I did venture over and get some of my buddies in Pushrod who started the day off music wise. I can't imagine playing in those temps, my fingers wouldn't want to work

Baaaaaaaaaaaaad, glad I'm not driving it, I don't have the cajones to stand on it as I straddle the rear end sitting between the slicks. Yes I'm a wuss.

Absolutely love McPhail's Buick


Who couldn't love Roy Drapal's awesome rod. Amazing story of the build, if you get the chance to see the car in person ask a bunch of questions, this is the real deal folks.

Still lots more to come!

Then I ventured over into the parking lot for a peek at what people drove to get to the show.

Still in the parking lot...

I didn't get one but there was no need for a cooler...

The Paladins took the stage mid afternoon, played a great set and convinced me that I needed to see them again that night at the Continental Club.

Here's Roy and his trophy. Such a kool story of a homebuilt hot rod from the late 40's early 50's built with no electricity and a ton of ingenuity!


Here you can see the reflection of my new hoodie as I take a pic of Myers taking a pic..

So then I went and stood at the gate so I can try to capture some "action" shots of the rides leaving.

NotStockPhotography and his lovely wife leaving the shindig. Damn that van is cool folks.

Mr. Vaughan and crew.... couldn't believe a F1 dropped front axle would fit in the trunk...


Best photo I've ever taken...

So then I took Myers' advice and went to Chuy's for dinner... Big As Yo Face Burrito was awesome!

Then it was off to the Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot

And finally back to the Continental Club for the Paladins again!

Then it was time to head home again...

Thanks to everyone involved in putting on this killer weekend. The show was great, the bands were awesome and I had an amazing time hanging out with everyone.

This coming weekend is my Mid Decembrrrr Run my last event of the year, 35 events, over 10,000 miles and over 14,000 total pictures. It's been a great run so far, see you at a show.



  1. Travis
    You should be making a calendar/book of these incredible shots.

    1. Hey I just saw this comment, sorry for the long reply time! I am nearly done with a 150 page book of all of my favorite shots from 2011. It will be self published to keep prices down and should be ready in a week or two!