Tuesday, February 28, 2012

O'reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels, Kansas City, MO

Finally I'm getting a few minutes here where I can try to catch up!

I don't have a ton of time so I'll just get to the photos for this post.

There's always a nice selection of FED's at the KC WOW.

As well as some other great drag cars

Beautiful Ford Kustom Pickup

Jetter's beautiful Caddy

Pure elegance

I see this Merc a lot so I hope I'm showing it off well enough for you guys, sometimes I don't take shots of the cars that I see everywhere as much. This one certainly deserves to be shown.

Smile for the camera...

A beautiful build. I don't have time to look it up right now but do yourself a favor and go find the shots that NotStock Photography took of this beauty, just amazing.

Of course, the Mantaray!


Part 2

I know nothing about this 27 T Roadster except that it belongs to Joe Boyles, does anyone have any history on it?

Congratulations to Ron Dubberstein & his 1955 Chevy "Exota" for winning 3 Excellence Awards at Kansas City World of Wheels! His awards were for Best Radical Custom, Best Display and BEST PAINT. Paint & body by Chaotic Customs and airbrushing by Redhouse Custom Paint.

Chad Kolman showed up with a 1947 Buick that was very very nice. 3 year project from what I was told. I can't wait to get a chance to take more photos of this beautiful new kustom.

Fresh from being finished and striped hours before the show move in.

Home run Chad! Great looking kustom.

Part 3

The Roswell Rod was in attendance.

Love this ultra rare Hupmobile

And this under construction hot rod with kustom flavor

Love me a fastback roofline

There are a bunch more photos in this gallery, they're just not H.A.M.B. type rides, if you want to see them just click any of the photos in this thread and you'll be taken to the gallery.

Thanks for looking and I'll see ya at a show,


Eric Myers from Los Punk Rods has been working on a new project, looking pretty sinister so far!

Now this looks like a lot of fun

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