Monday, February 27, 2012

Starbird-Devlin Car Show Wichita, KS

Royboy's Coverage of the 2012 Starbird-Devlin Car Show in Wichita, KS

I was lucky enough to be able to spend most of the weekend with friends and hotrod/kustom family at the Century II hall in Wichita for the 2012 Starbird-Devlin Car Show.

I don't have much time right now so I'll skip the stories and just show you some pics, of course we start off with the Mulvane Marauders and our own Yblock292's 29 Roadster, but that's just because they were parked about 20 feet inside the door.

Then Fuddpuckers Chrysler "The Tiki Taxi"

Then we skip ahead a bit to Gene Weaver's beautiful 54 Chevrolet. There are a bunch more photos of the show of cars that aren't H.A.M.B. friendly so just click any of these photos to see the whole gallery.

Then it's on to one of my favorite Caddy's in the Wichita area.


Love this flatty powered ride

I didn't attend the awards but I know I heard this one was announced over the P.A.

I'll need to get some more shots of this 53 Chevy Gasser with the straight 6 this year, hoping to do a full feature for it when I revamp my site.

Doug Reed's gorgeous 49 Olds "Toad"

Here's a Plymouth that I hope to be featuring soon as well.

Pure beauty right here


 Part 2 of the coverage starts off with this kool little 50 Ford SW... I didn't take enough shots of it... sorry.

Ed Pogue's beautiful 47 Ford had me staring for awhile

One of the Devlin family's rides

This one might be familiar to some of you.

Another of the Devlin's rides

Mike Buchanan's FED

The World Famous Doc Parsons' 23 Ford

Butch M's 56 Chevy

This is for sale

Here's a couple from the balcony

Part 3!

In addition to the kool kustoms and hot rods there was a nice gathering of bikes.

This 1955 Olds was new to me

Roger Morrison brought this beautiful 32 out that's been at Pebble Beach before...

The first name of this show is still Starbird, Darryl brought up the Predicta, I always loved this car. Hub Harness was telling me how everyone told Darryl that he couldn't drive this car so he took it down the strip. The steering is controlled by a lever in the center console, push forward to turn one way, pull back to turn another. Darryl told Hub that it was scary but he made the run.


Thanks for going along with me to the 2012 Starbird-Devlin Car Show! This is just the first event of 2012 there are 18 more on my schedule for this year, last year I hit 35 total so I'm sure that 18 will grow before long.

Click any of the photos to go to the whole gallery and see a total of 236 photos and some videos that I'm currently working on.

Thanks again, see you at a show


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