Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Royboy Features Episode 2 Jeff Myers' 63 Galaxie

I've been blessed to meet some great folks in my travels around the midwest attending car shows from Austin to Chicago. So about a year back I decided that I wanted to feature some of the great people and their vehicles in a way that photographs alone couldn't do. So in August the first video was released of Yblock292's 29 Roadster. A bit behind schedule here is the 2nd video, this time of Finkd (Jeff Myers) beautiful mild custom 63 Ford Galaxie.

Jeff has become a great friend and was nice enough to take me and the camera for a ride to explain all about the car. I hope you enjoy it!

Jeff's Arkansas City, KS based shop Premier Body & Paint is a H.A.M.B. Alliance Vendor so if you need some work done, make sure to join and let him know you're a member! Music in this one was provided by my buddies The Rumblejetts, make sure to support them as well.

See you at a show,


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