Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Royboy Productions covers the 2012 Lonestar Roundup! Parts 1-10

Click on any of these to go to the full gallery but as of Monday morning when this is posted I'm only done uploading the photos through Thursday evening so the rest will be coming as soon as I can get them done.

Thursday night on Congress.

Bob K!

Due to some traffic issues we showed up late to the Garage Crawl, that was fine because we were in the right neighborhood and it's not hard to spot that long line of fantastic rides, so we followed them to Mercury Charlie's shop.

Just a touch of talent in this group...

Lots of folks at Mercury Charlie's shop!

Cars rolling out to the next stop on the crawl.

Still on the Friday Garage Crawl we stopped by Jeff's Resurrections in Taylor, TX, on the way to his shop we see this sign atop the old Chevrolet dealership.

I'll come back and edit those power lines out later...

Looks like Jeff and crew do a ton of very nice work, just not all of it is H.A.M.B. material, click on any of these photos to see more of the cars under construction at Jeff's Resurrections.

Then it was about a 25 minute drive back towards Austin to the Lonestar Roundup at the Travis County Expo Center.

Friday at the Travis Co Expo Center.

More Bob K

Voodoo Jim

Finkd (Jeff Myers) 63 Galaxie

Still Friday and still in the first area of the show. This was my favorite part of the show, some great cars, and because of the grassy area they were in they were not parked so rigidly along parking lot lines.

The Car Corral section had some cool rides for sale like this one

Stopped and talked with the Lonely Knights of Colorado for a bit, they'd just come from Viva the previous weekend and had a special guest rolling with them, more about that in a minute.

Here's the special guest. A Merc picked up in NJ, shipped to Australia, converted to RH drive and kustomized a bit more, then shipped back to the states to hit Viva and Roundup as part of a good ol' fashioned American Road Trip. Damn cool car, I wish I had the opportunity to meet the owner too.

Still at the show on Friday, still loving being at this show and in Austin in general, being back home today makes me miss Austin...

Hmmm it's for sale, do I tell my dad or not, he's got himself just about every other Chevy truck that's been for sale in the history of man...

Lots of work here

I was infatuated with this tall beauty...

Pure awesomeness, seeing it driving down Congress was equally as awesome.

And on to the show...

And on to Saturday!

Still on Saturday, the show got huge both in cars and spectators, finding good shots without random people in the background became harder, but that's the name of the game when trying to cover a show...

And what a colorful show it is!

This 53 Ford was for sale

Please don't look too hard at the truck behind this one...ooof

This one had a for sale sign too...

and it was hauling this kool little wagon...

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