Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Busy Weekend Part 1: Lake Garnett Cruisers Car Show

A few weeks ago I realized that last weekend there was a choice, either stay in KS and go to a show that I'd gone to before (and loved) or venture a few hundred miles from home for the Good Guys show in Loveland, CO. Since I'd been planning on being in Colorado this weekend to film a small BBQ team in competition with the giants of the BBQ world, I decided to stay in Kansas.

So how would I make the weekend special? It didn't take long to figure it out, 3 shows, 1 weekend... all in Kansas! Saturday started off at a lazy 7:30am as I headed east out of the small town of Gypsum, KS headed for the slightly larger city of Garnett, about 154 miles away.

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The show in Garnett is held around the old time town square, these types of shows always have built in cool factor. Click any of these photos to go to the whole photo gallery, I will not be posting every photo here so that's the best way to see them all.

Nice Ghia!

The show was an interesting mix of muscle cars, trucks, kustoms, hot rods, street rods, motorcycles and even a rat rod along with some stockers and radical customs.

My good friend Neal made the trip in his Canopy Express, seen here on the right.

This well put together Chevy has got to attract bugs like crazy with that shade of  yellow!

I'm not sure what the story is on this car, I'm guessing it was shortened from a full or mid sized wagon, anyone have the skinny on it?

Everyone needs one of these VW Trucks

I've seen this mild kustom around a couple of the Stray Kat shows but I can't remember if I've met the owner yet. When you meet the owners of the car away from the car sometimes it's hard to remember who's face belongs with which car.

Street Rod style post war Ford

Having just picked up a 51 Ford I am naturally drawn to every 49-51 that I see, always looking for ideas.

A very nicely done 80's era Chevrolet Truck.

A way Kustom truck, lots to see on this wild pickup.

Travel in style

Some of the fairly stock crowd in attendance

Roger Ward's beautiful ride, Roger won the Inspiration award this year at the Stray Kat 500. Jeff Myers built a killer trophy that was color matched to Roger's car.

A Pro-Street 57 Chevy

Many cars had taken refuge from the sun under the square's many trees.

A nicely built Willys

Gasser Style

Gotta love a Starliner

One of the historic buildings that lines the square, probably seen many a summer day with the townsfolk gathered getting to know each other and celebrate holidays and the like.

I love this 46 Ford, and it's for sale. Click on any of these photos to go to the full gallery and I have the for sale placard pictured with a ton more info for you.

There were 3 nearly identical drag cars in attendance. I never did catch up with an owner to get the story on these.

1 of 50 explains why I'd never come across one before.

One of my favorite vehicles ever produced, I'd love to drive one some day.

Then back out into the sunshine!

Another Street Rod'd beauty

My 2nd wild Cadillac turned truck in 2 weeks... hope this isn't a resurgent trend!

Another beautiful historic building overlooking the square and the weekend's activities.

That's about it for the coverage of the Lake Garnett Cruisers Car Show in Garnett, KS. Hope you enjoyed it! From here I went down to Mulvane, KS for the Showdown In The Valley put on by the Mulvane Marauders. Look for that tomorrow in part 2!

If you see any photos that you'd like to have a copy of, just click on it and you'll be taken to the gallery where you can buy digital downloads, prints, calendars, posters, etc. Every purchase helps me get to the next show!

See you at a show,



  1. Whoa! Any idea where the De Tomaso is from?

    1. Off the top of my head no, but I will look and see if I caught the info in any of the other shots that I did not publish.