Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Busy Weekend Part 3: Lake Afton All Wheels Car Show

Part 3 of my busy weekend was a Sunday drive down to Lake Afton, west of Wichita, KS. People have told me about this show for years and I've never been able to make it until now. A free show for both the spectators and the show vehicles, I had my resevations, but I was proven wrong. A great turnout of every imaginable kind of vehicle and tons of great people.

Although the show officially starts at 11, there were around 100 cars there at 10 when I showed up.

The scene at 10am

The Thunderbird club showed up in full force!

Kevin's 64 Galaxie for the 2nd day in a row, always good to see you my friend!

The Mini club showed up too!

I want!

A friend has one of these Lotus Elise's and they are a blast!

The Corvair Club showed up too

1951 Ford Victoria

Johnny's dope kustom

64 Ford Galaxie 500


Something tells me it's as fast as it is pretty

Who doesn't love a VW?

The truck crowd was in attendance

A lowered early Bronco

John & Butch lining up

This just looks like fun...until you have to shammy the roof

This looks plain fun.

Steve's bad ass 52 Chevrolet

A Wichita legend, Fundamentals member Doug's Toad

Johnny's simple and elegant 58 Chevy kustom

Cameo Cakes' Divco has a mini me now

Pure speed

Even with 4 doors, Hudsons are kool

Well that's it for my wild weekend of Kansas Car Show Fun! Hope you had a good time out there, click on any of these photos to see the full photo galleries and I'll see you at a show.


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