Saturday, August 10, 2013

Next steps on the Royboy 51 Ford

1951 Ford  0010

Next up for the 51 Ford is to finish what I'd previously started. Not very exciting but getting the booth ready for the KKOA had to take precedence. So back to the regularly scheduled program... I'll drain the bad gas out of the tank, take a peek inside and see how it looks. Then either clean and seal the tank or just put some good gas in and see how she starts. For more info on Ford's "shoebox" check out this blog post.

I still need to change out the points for a pertronix, wires and plugs. Then I need to install the new speedway water pumps.  The wiring is shot so a new Affordable Street Rods wiring panel and wiring kit will be installed.

Then the Aerostar springs for the front (3" drop and variable spring technology for a great ride quality) and new drop springs for the rear will go in with the freshened up 1978 Granada rear end.

 So that's the next few months of my evenings when I'm not working on rebuilding the website, creating the Calendar for Charity, resting for the day job and all the other things on the list :). The point is, make a list, and get about the business of knocking items off of that list so you can get your old heap on the road too!

See you at a show,


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