Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Stencil Shirt Pre-order Ends Wednesday!

A couple of weeks ago I announced a new shirt design for Royboy Productions. The shirts have been available for pre-order since then, that ends Wednesday night January 16th at midnight. Order at royboyproductions.com Not only do these new hot rod Model A stencil shirts express all that is hot rod, stripped down, nothing unneeded just the car in all of its awesomeness. All of the profits from these shirts go to help pay for gas, hotels, cameras, websites, etc that provide all of these 33,000 images to you! Support Royboy Productions to help ensure you always get the coverage from all of the best midwest hot rod & kustom shows!

It's available as a tshirt or long sleeve tshirt, it will be in dark grey with a black logo front and back. The logo on the rear will be similar to what you see in the pic above, the one on the front will not have royboyproductions.com across the car.

These will be ordered Thursday the 17th and should start shipping the first weekend of February.
Order today to be one of the first to get this kool new shirt!


They will be available for sale on royboyproductions.com as soon as they are in stock!


The Todd C. Jones designed Shoebox shirts are still available in limited quantities. Go to royboyproductions.com to order yours!

See you at a show!


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