Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 KKOA Hall of Fame Nominees Part 3


As of the writing of this post we are 1 week away from the 2013 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, I hope to see you there!

Each year at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular 2 new members are inducted into the KKOA Hall Of Fame. Since the show is just a few weeks away I thought I'd take the time to introduce you all to this year's nominees. There are 9 total, here are the 2nd two on the list, see this post for the 1st two, and see this one for the 2nd two. When I have photos of their work I will show it and when I don't I will link you to where you can see it.

FRITZ SCHENCK - Fritz was/is influenced by many of the greats of kustomizing, and he particularly likes the radical kustoms of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. He did a ground-up restoration on Roth' original "Druid Princess". and Roth' "Pepi Bike Hauler, and he has built a perfect clone of Roth' famed "Outlaw" roadster. However, the car that put him in the kustom spotlight and on many magazine covers, was his one-off original design creation "The Roswell Rod."

2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Saturday

Currently his newest creation is another one-off design, loaded with Fritz tricks and a Starbird style bubble on top. A few years back Fritz and his wife Carrol moved from Long Island, N.Y., to the ouskirts of Kansas City, and now both Fritz's are busy doing exactly what they want to do! Build one-off kustom show rod creations, and produce how-to-build-kustoms video's to help other up and comers create their dreams. Truly a complete kustom family.
 2010 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, Salina, KS
2010 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular, Salina, KS

GENE PIERCE - Fellow KKOA member James Fine felt compelled to notify the KKOA about a unsung hero living in his hometown of South Bend Indiana, and nominate him for a possible induction into the KKOA Hall of Fame. After researching Gene, KKOA has found that he's not the kind of guy who toots his own horn, but his works speaks for himself. Gene chopped his first Merc when he was 15, and has even been offered a job by another Gene! The legendary Gene Winfield, a offer that he was honored to be asked. He works out of his two-stall shop (just like the good ol' days), and treats customers with a quoted stick-to price. No hidden costs when they come to pick up their kustom. His credits range from many chopped and kustomized fat-fendered sedan's and coupe's, to layin' low leadsled's, to Fad-T hotrod roadster's. Gene is a 100% traditional builder. His quality of work is exceptional, as verified by KKOA Hall of Famer, Mike Alexander (A-Brothers Team)
 (note: I don't have any photos of Gene's work that I know of but I'll do my best to get some next weekend at the KKOA.)

1 more post tomorrow with the final 3 nominees.
See you at a show,


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