Sunday, March 24, 2013

Help fund the cause!

Recently I debuted my new small book. It's sold a couple of copies so far and to those folks, thanks! About a year a got I did my first small book, again it sold a few copies, not too many but I appreciate every one as every book sale buys roughly 1 gallon of gas to get the Royboy cameras to a new show to bring you more coverage.

Another way I've been trying to raise a couple of bucks here and there is through my Zazzle page.  Have you been there?

Go get some of the koolest gear around, check out that stuff on Zazzle or go to the Royboy Store page.  There may be a kickstarter type funding project coming down the road a bit to help cover expenses of creating a big best of book for all of 2013, stay tuned!

See you at a show,


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