Friday, March 8, 2013

Shop Visit: Jeff Myers Premier Body & Paint

The second stop on my trip to the Texas Thaw (part 1, part 2, part 3) was at Premier Body & Paint in Arkansas City, KS the shop of Jeff Myers. Jeff's been a buddy of mine for a couple of years, and always has something kool in the works.

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For the last couple of years Jeff has been working on a 41 Ford. The car originally came in for a chop and paint job, but under some inspection Jeff found that the frame was shot, and a bunch of work was needed on the car so it became a complete frame up job. Earlier visits (here and here) to Jeff's shows photos of the car under various states of build.

Here's what I saw this trip. Jeff has the car primed and was prepping to paint the jambs and some other areas before pinstriper Clint Rowe came by to pull some lines on some areas that are more easily accessible now. The car will soon be off to Fat Lucky's to get an interior done before coming back to Premier for final paint and assembly.
March 2013 Jeff Myers Shop Visit0003

March 2013 Jeff Myers Shop Visit0009

Jason's Merc is in house for some new kustom work, new bumpers and some other mods if I remember right.
March 2013 Jeff Myers Shop Visit0004

The 60 Fairlane that McPhail did was in the back, waiting to have the damage of a bus sideswipe repaired. The new owner in NJ had the unfortunate incident and sent the car back to Jeff to get it fixed.

The majority of the metal work is roughed in now.

That's it for this stop at Premier Body & Paint. If you need kustom work done, go to Jeff, he's the one that did the paint on my Galaxie this winter.

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