Monday, October 10, 2011

Royboy's Coverage of the 2011 Hunnert Car Pileup #1

Post #1 of many!

First I want to say thanks to the Chrome Czars for putting on this show. A show this big takes a TON of logistics and it seemed to go off pretty smoothly. This was our third trip up for a Hunnert, starting with the 8th and last show in Morris, and it was a great time.

After making a deal to trade his 72 LeMans (and a little cash) with Bob from Top Notch Vehicles for a 57 Chevy Wagon, my old man (Povertyflats' favorite brother in law) and I loaded the car up and headed out Thursday evening from Central KS. We got to the far side of KC before we called it a night. This made for a nice relaxing drive the rest of the way to Decatur, across MO on highway 36.

Some S.O.B. in a musclecar was tailgating us the whole way...

Crossing the Mississippi

I tried pulling some Family Vacation lines when we crossed the Mississippi...they were completely lost on my Dad...

Other than a bit of wind the weather was perfect and we arrived in Forsyth at the hotel ahead of schedule. We unloaded Dad's Lemans and helped Bob unload the new to us 57 and a cherry 32 Ford Pickup.

The deal was made and the keys traded hands. Bob and Dad wondered if the car was too stock to get into the show or not. We agreed it probably was but it didn't hurt to try.

It wasn't long before we took off for Clinton, IL for the Friday night Pre-party.

This year's pre-party was packed, so many more people that there really wasn't a way to cruise, and a ton of really kool rides showed up too.

Everyone's favorite guy BobK was in attendance of course, always good to see you and the Mrs. Bob!

As always, click on any of these shots to go to the full gallery. These will continue to be uploaded throughout the morning so the gallery will continue to grow until around noon Central today. Please consider buying a photo or two as a download or even a 4x6 print because every purchase helps me get to another show to bring you all more coverage!

Thanks for looking, see you at a show!


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