Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Royboy's Coverage of the 2011 Hunnert Car Pileup 9, 10 and 11

Okay, Part 9! We're still outside the gate now watching the cars roll through inspection at this point, also about here is where I realize that I forgot my hat and I am out of sunscreen...ooops that smell is probably my irish skin melting... This combo was just too kool, I had to keep catching shots of it. Part 10, and we still arent even into the show yet! 3 different 54 Fords with the glass top at the Hunnert, too kool Awesome color! Love, love, love this flamed Merc!  

Part 11!

Another great color!

Bob K is never going to pass inspection in that!

Nice 60!

Loved this ride, and I fully admit I'm not sure what it is. Plymouth business coupe maybe?


That's it for outside the show! Next post we move inside for the 10th and Final Hunnert Car Pileup!

See you at a show,


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