Monday, October 10, 2011

Royboy's coverage of the 2011 Hunnert Car Pileup #3 #4 #5

Part 3, finally home from a long day at work and dinner with the fam. The little nephews LOVE the 57! I got tired of waiting for people to clear out from around Gary's 40... soooo sorry but they're in the shot, it was too close to crop and look good.


Part 4
Still at the Pre-party on Friday night. By now it's getting pretty dark so I switched to a lens with no zoom but a much larger aperture so I could try to still get some shots in the low light.

So, fast forward to 6am on Saturday morning. We figured it's the last Hunnert there's bound to be a ton of cars in line, so we headed out for the show early. This gorgeous Chevy was in the parking lot, turns out the owner also has a beautiful light blue 53 truck that was in my Trucks calendar last year.

Bob's 32 pickup was leaving us in the dust on the way to the show, I think Dad was too scared to stand on his new gas pedal enough to catch up...

About 30 cars in line and the sun isn't even up yet, gates open at 9am...

Bob and Dad wait in line, Dad's 57 will be deemed too stock and will spend the day outside of the show. I'm not complaining it was fairly judged as per the rules posted for the show.

There's part 4, 5 is on the way soon then I'm off to bed, thanks for checking them out folks, we haven't even touched the surface yet! My hope is that those of you that didn't make it can almost feel like you were there in some way, I hope you dig it.

Part 5, last one for the night folks.

This killer shoebox came complete with 2 kid seats in the back! Awesome, bring your kids to the shows, teach them young!

That's it I'm out of energy, see you all in the morning for the next installment!

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