Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 Rumble in Delano show coverage and pics! Part 1

Leading up to last weekend there were lots of murmurs about the new weekend for the Rumble in Delano in Wichita, KS, in it's 3rd year the show moved to late September from the middle of June. The first 2 years for the show were just plain hot, so it was a welcome change for that reason, however the new weekend falls on the same date as a long running show just 90 miles down the road. Due to some conflicts in my schedule I wasn't able to hit both shows so after stopping by a local German Car Club show in Salina I went to Wichita for the Rumble and I was not disappointed.

As soon as I hit the edge of the Delano District I see some familiar rides and owners, I'd stumbled right into the middle of the Mulvane Marauders as they were parking.

Fuddpucker using his "other" one digit gesture...

The Delano District is just to the west of the Arkansas River on Douglas Street in Wichita, a cool old business district where they block off the street for a few blocks and all of the hoodlums bring their rides out to hang out. The September date made the temps just perfect.

Yblock292 brought his 40 out to play, but as he is prone to say, he'll bring whichever car starts and has gas in it, there's not a bad car in his collection so it's all good Jack :)

I go to a lot of shows, and I just don't see many Comet wagons, I dig it.

I never did see the owner of this under construction ride, but it's a nice start!

Finkd brought out the Caddy... and told me I should buy it...Jeff, if I had the cash, it would already be in my garage. One of the most beautiful 57 Caddy's ever built in my opinion.

McPhail brought out his new project, very kool, just love the shape of this bodystyle.

Some more of the Marauders rides, such a wide variety in this club, and all very kool kats to hang with.

I keep forgetting to ask how many gallons it takes to prime 8 carbs...

Straykatkustoms brought up the Merc to join in the festivities.

Butch left is sick green 56 Chevy gasser at home to show of this beauty.

That's it for part 1, part 2 coming very soon.

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See you at a show!


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