Monday, September 12, 2011

Royboy Productions at the 2011 Kansas City Goodguys Part 1

So it's a week late but here we go! My Labor Day weekend in Kansas City started off Friday morning when my uncle Paul (povertyflats) and I headed out from Gypsum for KC.

We stopped for lunch in Lawrence with BlacktopBuddha and his daughter at a great mexican joint, then it was off to the Kansas Speedway for the Goodguys show.

I wasn't going to enter... but logistics and the cost of entry for 3 days just convinced me to go full tilt, get the big boy package and let's see what Goodguys has to offer. The price was steep at $90 but it is very expensive to rent race tracks, produce magazines and the like, so I'm not complaining...much.

The cars weren't overflowing the speedway at any point during the weekend but it was 106 degrees when I finally emerged from the tunnel into the track's infield.

This ride isn't exactly H.A.M.B. friendly but take the skull off the radiator and paint it and I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin.

Love me a Rivi,

Can't go wrong with this beauty.

Here's my dad's 39 Chevy Truck, my Galaxie, Uncle Tom's 46, Rick's 57 Chevy and Robert's 56 all in a pretty little row.

Here's a better shot of Robert's 56, beautiful ride that's really well put together.

And Dad's 39

Some shoebox action for ya

Mmmmmmmmmmm Merc!

That's it for Part 1 keep an eye out for part 2 and the Greaserama coverage as well!

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