Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Royboy Productions at the 2011 Greaserama Part 3

Part 3!

Just a quick one before heading off to the day job folks!

Love this ride, I see it around quite a bit but haven't met the owner yet.

The monsters come out in the daytime at Greaserama...

Love this Gasser

Ok, so are altered wheelbase drag machines considered traditional? I hope so because I dug this wild shortened panel.

Kustoms show up at the Greaserama as well.

Another shot for ya.

Then there's Punk Rodders row, here's COS' ride


Okay see, now I'm going to be rushed getting to work on time, but I do it all for you guys! Click on any pic to see the full gallery, and if you see one you like, buy it! Every purchase helps me get to another show to bring you more coverage.

See you at a show,


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