Monday, September 12, 2011

Royboy Productions at the 2011 Greaserama Part 1

Okay just finished posting my coverage of the Goodguys show across town, you can see it here. But this thread ain't about no Goodguys it's about Los Punk Rods and the 2011 Greaserama at Boulevard Drive In in Merriam, KS.

I stopped by to visit Ben Dragdaddy's and peered over his shoulder to see what he was working on. Check out Ben's art and buy some, I try to buy some every year!

The forecasted rain finally found us.

Yes I showed this pair of kool rides in the Goodguys coverage, and yes I'm showing it again.

Different... but I can see some cool there. I don't know if it's an original ute or a built one though.

Here's Herb....and he's not sleeping! Always good to see you, my friend!

Rain found us again! My friends from about Wichita on south deep into Texas would love to see some moisture so I'm not going to complain about 3 little showers while we're at the koolest show in KC!

Hmmm, so the sun is out and it's POURING...yup love those days.

Rain's over.... for now... let's cruise the Greaserama!

Super sweet Chebby!

The only hot rodded Hupmobile I've ever seen, all covered up due to the rain, I bet the louvered roof panel doesn't lend itself well to the rain.

That's it for Part 1, I'll be back in the morning with part 2!

See you at a show,


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