Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming Event: Winfield Garage Car Show

Winfield Garage_0007

This Sunday June 23rd is the Winfield Garage Car Show in Winfield, KS. I went a couple of years ago and I'm finally returning this weekend.

Here are some photos from my last stop by the Winfield Garage Car Show.
Hope to see you there!

Winfield Garage_0001

Winfield Garage_0003

Winfield Garage_0004

Winfield Garage_0006

Winfield Garage_0008

Winfield Garage_0010

Winfield Garage_0012

Winfield Garage_0013

Winfield Garage_0014

Winfield Garage_0019

Winfield Garage_0020

Winfield Garage_0023

Winfield Garage_0025

Winfield Garage_0026

Winfield Garage_0029

Winfield Garage_0035

Winfield Garage_0037

Winfield Garage_0038

Winfield Garage_0039

Winfield Garage_0041

Winfield Garage_0042

Winfield Garage_0043

Winfield Garage_0045

Winfield Garage_0048

See you at a show,


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