Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artist Feature: Ben Dragdaddy

A few years ago I met this crazy artist type named Dragdaddy. Turns out he's become a good friend, go figure. One of the hardest working artists I know, he works a draining day job and every day turns out fantastic art in his spare time!
Here are a couple of pieces that he's working on right now.

Ben has a unique style that pays homage to the masters of the past with familiar themes but is done in his own way.

For the last few years Ben and some select artist friends have been creating some larger than life art on the walls of Travis Miller's shop in Dewey, OK where we hold the Stray Kat 500.

2011 Stray Kat FeedĀ  0001 - Version 2


So go visit Ben Dragdaddys on the ol Facebook, buy some of his art (his coloring books are AWESOME) and then thank me later.

See you at a show,


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