Thursday, February 14, 2013

More kool build threads on the HAMB

Happy Valentine's Day ladies and gents... mostly the ladies.

More kool build threads on the HAMB, read them, get inspired and get yourself a ride on the road! Ironic since my 2 are both down for right now!

The first one this time is from the user dragsled (Tim Jones). This lil front engined dragster (click here to see the thread) is pretty rad through and through.

He started with this chassis

One of the koolest build threads on the HAMB has been my friend Roger Jetter's Caddy build (click here to see the thread)!
I've been lucky enough to see the car a few times, here are some of the finished car.
2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Friday

2011 KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Friday


Another buddy Nick has been building a sick roadster (click here to see the thread), he got it all together last year and proceeded to enjoy the hell out of it driving all over the place. Now he's blown it back apart so that he could finish it out. Just like everything he does, it's turning out amazing. 

Look, it's possible, anyone can get a great ride eventually, it takes a little (or a lot) of money, time, effort and you'll cuss alot while doing it. Go out and get yourself on the road, that's where you find the good stuff of life. Speaking of that I'm going to get back to work on my Galaxie and try to get it back on the road.

Saturday I head out for the Starbird Exotic Car Show in Tulsa.

See you at a show,


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