Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Review: "Grandpa's Hotrod"

Book Review: "Grandpa's Hotrod" by Jay Danniel Sweet

Last Christmas I found out just how difficult it is to find a book that's both good for kids
and hot rod based. I looked and looked and came up with just a handful of choices,
most of which were not that good. Now I can add a good book to that list.

"Grandpa's Hotrod" is a story of a young man who finds his grandfather's deuce
roadster and as young men have a habit of doing, he talks his grandpa into making it
run again. It's a short story so I won't spoil any more of it, but as car folk we all know
it. The passion for hot rods is largely passed down from generation to generation, this
book is a wonderful tool for doing just that. Read it to your kids or grand kids, then
let them find the hot rod in your "barn" and help you bring it back to life. Even if that
involves you pretending to fix something that isn't really broken.

The illustrative breakdown of the hotrod and all of its modifications can be a fun tool to
teach a youngster about the differences in the cars over the years and can be a great
stepping off point for fun conversations about what they might do to a Hotrod of their

The illustrations were also done by the author as well as the publishing. This book is
as home grown an effort as you can get. The kind of home grown DIY effort that you
should support, in hopes that there are more books to follow.

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