Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Domino Effect Pt. 2

In The Domino Effect Pt. 1 I explained the basic principle, what started as a simple upgrade with parts I'd already purchased became a much bigger project. It's gotten worse... and finally it's gotten better.

The brackets that I ordered up all came from CVF Racing. I did not get them as a kit, but individually.

Here's the alternator bracket. And the sanderson AC Compressor bracket. And the saginaw power steering pump bracket. I also ordered the pulley for the saginaw pump.

For a few days I poured over the internet, the car was not at my house so instead of going out and looking at the pieces in the car I went online. An online parts store listed the factory Galaxie power steering pressure hose as a 3/8" inverted flare fitting, another listed the saginaw pump as a 5/8" inverted flare fitting. Where was I going to find an adapter??? Turns out you don't need one. The 3/8" and 5/8" referred to the wrench size, they threaded right together with no problems. (I should have known that or I should have at least tried to fit them together about a week before I did)

So after fighting through a few fitment issues we created some shims, we shave down some spacers that we made all the brackets go together and mount it only took 10 or 15 times of taking everything off of putting it back on to make it work.

Then I took the car down to my friends at Chaotic Customs who finished up a list of items that were over my head or out o my time budget to fix. I picked the car up and drove it home the weekend before LSRU.

A vibration that I had been feeling in the car above 60 mph was the next problem. After a couple hours of looking and driving I couldn't find the issue. So on Easter Sunday Chris at Chaotic said to bring the car back down and let them take a look.

The crew busted their butts and went way beyond good service to get the car road worthy for the LSRU. A new crossmember was built for the trans since the one fabbed & put in by my old mechanic was not up to the task.

Chaotic Customs made this Lonestar Roundup Trip possible. From the bottom of my heart thank you guys for caring enough to do what it took to get the car on the road!

See you at a show,

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