Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week in Review & A Look Ahead 4-20-13

It's been an interesting week  in U.S. history, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the fertilizer plant in West, TX and the the apprehension of the Boston Marathon bomber (and killing of his brother/fellow bomber). My heart goes out to the families and friends of all of those that suffered this week due to these two events.

On with the blog:

On Monday I finished up my coverage from the 2013 Lonestar Roundup. Monday's post was some of the more artful edits from the show. If you missed the coverage you can see the entire gallery here. Or you can follow along the coverage on the blog in these posts. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Art

On Tuesday I looked ahead at an event going on today (Saturday April 20, 2013). The H.A.M.B.B.Q.

Wednesday was a look in the ol way back machine, okay, not so far back, just a few years. But it was a look back at the Kansas City GearGrinder show.

Thursday we took a look at one of the big 2 shows happening in the Midwest on the first weekend of May. The Vintage Torque Fest. I was able to make the first two years of this show and shared some slideshows of those events. Have a look if you can be in Dubuque, IA the first weekend of May, you wont be disappointed.

Friday was the official announcement of the Limited Edition Poster #2! I'm excited to offer this as a pre-sale for a discounted price (I cover the shipping on the pre-orders). So get your order in now! I still have 14 copies of poster #1 but I bet those will be gone by the end of the Stray Kat 500 so don't wait!

Today I'll be heading out to aforementioned H.A.M.B.B.Q. , then I'll head to Chaotic Customs to test drive my Galaxie as they help me fight a vibration issue. Then it's off to Winfield, KS for the 20th Anniversary party for my friends tattoo and piercing shop Skinsations in Arkansas City, KS. It will be a long busy day.

Tomorrow its up super early to get to the Kansas Speedway super early because I will spend the day hanging out with the pit crew for the #20 car driven by Matt Kenseth! Congrats Matt & crew on the new track record and pole position qualifying effort!

Next weekend
Next weekend I'll be hitting the Chaotic Customs Open House in Mulvane, KS. From 10-2 this will be a kool event/car show.

See you at a show,

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