Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heading to the Lonestar Roundup!

The trip started off a bit weird. My Galaxie was at Chaotic Customs to get some TLC, so yesterday I needed a ride from home almost 2 hours south to my buddy Jack's house where I was crashing for the night. Once we arrived and unloaded all of my boxes of shirts, hats, posters, video camera, clothes...where's my camera bag? It's still on the couch at home. Damn.

I laughingly explained to Jack that I would get the car and drive home, get my camera & then begin my trip again, fully prepped. Jack told me "phooey!" (not an exact quote) "Take my truck and go get your bag." As he handed me the keys, I headed out the door, filled his truck up with gas and headed back north. 2:30am I was back at Jack's and heading to bed.

The next morning we went over to Chaotic and picked up my car.

After some hanging out it was time to head south. After leaving Mulvane I headed to Arkansas City, KS to see Jeff Myers and see a new project in his shop. Then it was off to Oklahoma! The day was a bit long due to snow, sleet and rain all through Oklahoma. Add to that a malfunctioning cell phone and I had a few moments of less than happy thoughts.

After a rainy drive I finally got to Atlas Speed & Custom in Denison, TX. After hanging out a bit it was off to the hotel. More on the trip tomorrow!

See you at a show,

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