Friday, April 12, 2013

Event Coverage: Final post of the 2013 Lonestar Roundup coverage!

I'm nearing the end of the coverage, after this or maybe the next post will just be some more artsy ones that I do.

Saturday we were treated to some good old fashioned vintage cackling. Here's the restored Scorpian V from 1964

And an earlier version of the Scorpion

Gambino's F You 54

Look at all those people...

I'm kinda digging that grille opening

Bleed's ride

Love those gauges

The party at the Poodle Dog Lounge was a lot of fun.

The 635 mile drive home was long but a good day, the big block averaged 18.8 mpg and I was able to run fairly fast even with this wicked vibration. (hopefully that will be fixed before the Stray Kat 500).

That's it! Finally made it through the gallery. There are a bunch more photos on the site if you want to click any of these images and go have a look. As always if there's one you'd like you can buy a print or high resolution digital copy. The money goes to help get me and the cameras to another show to bring you more coverage.

I hope someone out there was encouraged to go build something kool and show it off. You'll meet a whole awesome group of people and your life will be kooler for it.

See you at a show,


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