Thursday, May 9, 2013

Event Coverage: 2013 Stray Kat 500 Part 4

Stray Kat 500 Coverage

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Love this Merc.

Dr. Dave's Merc and Bret's pickup

A barn find, I sure hope he leaves it exactly like it is.

Jeb and Clint brought these two out to play. I believe that Jeb said his "Nadine" (seen on the left) has about 240,000 miles on her.

StrayKatKustoms (Mickey) and 49Toad (Doug Reed) having a talk while walking down the middle of the street.

Pinup Contest Time! Jennifer James of 232 Studios did a great job getting 12 lovely ladies lined up for the Miss Kitty Title. Click on the images to see them all in my galleries, I'll only show a couple here due to the 20 image limit per post.

Then it was off to the warmth of the VFW so we could honor Ron Myers with the Inspiration Award. Thanks Ron for your decades (and I mean a crapload of them) of time and effort into striping everything that you can get lines on.

Mickey and Mr. C saying some words about our favorite curmudgeon.

He's trying to look like he doesn't want out of the spotlight.

A whole bunch of kool kats shipped this panel back and forth across the country to get a chance to pull some lines in honor of Ron. This piece is kool!

Enough mushy stuff back to the steel!

I just shot this for an article in a magazine, Jerry's 36 is too kool.

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