Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catch Up Time!

There are a lot of new people following Royboy Productions lately. Thank you for that, seriously from the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing my adventures and photos to be a small part of your car world. For those of  you that are new or may have just forgotten, here are some of the kooler things that Royboy has going on.

I had much higher hopes for the output of my video series named Royboy Features (I honestly need a better name for that one). I need to be putting these out about once a month, however I've found that a difficult addition to my already busy schedule. Anyways, here are the first two features.

Jack's 1929 Roadster Survivor Hot Rod from the 50's

And Jeff Myers' awesome 63 Galaxie 500 Kustom (sorry about the audio). This ride is for sale and I'm sure you can get it a steal compared to what it would cost to build.

As always I'm selling a couple of posters to help fund my travels and all of the expensive equipment it takes to do the car show coverage. 

Poster #1 is of Jack's Roadster

Poster #2 is of a line of kustoms and hot rods at the Stray Kat 500.

And of course you can visit the store page at Royboy Productions for hats, shirts, etc.

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See you at a show,

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