Monday, May 6, 2013

Event Coverage: 2013 Stray Kat 500 Part 1

Stray Kat 500 Coverage

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While the weather wasn't wonderful, it takes more than that to ruin the Stray Kat 500. The trip started off for my dad and I on Thursday afternoon. My Galaxie was still at Chaotic Customs after getting a long standing vibration issue fixed so the first leg of the trip was riding shotgun in my Dad's 57 Chevy Wagon on the way to CC in Mulvane, KS.

After the stop at Chaotic we rolled down to Premier Body & Paint in Arkansas City, KS to see what Jeff Myers was up to, then it was off to Dewey, OK the home of the Stray Kat 500! After paralleling the rain for a couple of hours we were headed right into it. Sorry about the blurry shot.

The next morning at the hotel I noticed my Galaxie had a familiar friend hanging out next to her. Doc Parson's incredible T.

Friday morning we went to the host hotel of the SK500, no I wasn't staying there due to them messing up my reservations but that's a whole different story. Here's my Galaxie with Bill Moore's convertible and much lower 63... I have some work to do on mine now I guess :)

This kustom Lincoln was one of my favorites from the show. Driven from Amarillo to Dewey a trip of over 400 miles with a good portion in the rain, this car was one of many that hit the 500 for the firs time.

I can't hit a show without running into a member of the Spiwak family, and that's a good thing.

The Stears are also at nearly every event that I attend, and most of them in this road warrior Ford.

I love this 40.

And my family friend Robert's brand new to his family 40.

The flames and louvered hood just work on this Ford.

Mickey (straykatkustoms) Merc is always a sight for sore eyes. Love this car.

From the engine to the stance and the insert with matching tonneau, this truck was puuuuuurfect (as Stray Kat Kustoms would say).

The Mundy family brought a couple of killer rides to the show, this one a freshly finished 58 Pontiac wagon.

Can't have a Stray Kat event without Mongo.

There were lots of kool pickups at the event.

Some old friends showed up while I was out back scoping the parking lot.

Kool oozes from the parking lots of all of the Bartlesville area hotels on Stray Kat 500 weekend.

Dustin had his decklid off to add more louvers (he's a louver addict), so Mongo thought it would turn Dustin's Merc into a handy couch. Perfect!

Remember what I said about the parking lots? I rest my case.

That's it for this first post, next up a couple of shot from the Friday evening hang out/free feed at TwoTall Okie's shop. Click on any of these photos to see the entire gallery. If you'd like one as a print, just use the "Buy" button there and I will go through the photo and touch it up to look it's best before it's printed and shipped to you.

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  1. Robert's '40 was one of my favorites at the event. I really wanted to get a shot of his '40 and my stake truck together, but it didn't happen this time.