Friday, May 31, 2013

Flames: The Good, The Bad and the What Where You Thinking? Part 1 2006-2009

Flame Jobs From 2006-2009
These are some the flames I've captured at car shows, this first post is 2006-2009, starting with the very first show of the Royboy Galleries all the way to the end of 2009.

Pinstripe flames

Body colored flames faded into off-color tips

full yellow flames

Another variation on the pinstriped flames

The color of these kinda set them in the 90's to me, what do you think?

Crazy airbrush flames

Red House painted surf board

Long long flames (always gave me the idea that the vehicle was in motion)


There is a great story behind these flames, but Don tells it best so if you see him at a show, ask him.

Fadeaway yellow to red with body color flames on top.

Basic flames on a shoebox, I like the style where the tips cros each other.

White fade into yellow flamed Cadillac

Flames as an accent

Multi-color seaweed flames

Airbrushed "real-fire" style flames

I've dug this flamejob since I first saw it.

Another white fadeaway flame job


After an accident on the streets this one time "rat" was redone to this finished state.

Got wood?

All over flames

Embossed flames on the bottom side of the bed cover match the painted flames on the body

More RedHouse Custom Paint work

Fade-in flames

Classic white into yellow into orange with 2nd layer of body color flames

"Real-Fire" style airbrushed flames coming out of the engine compartment

Long narrow licks on this surfboard

Iconic, long narrow flames with white-yellow-orange fade.

The Yellow to Orange fade flames with the white outlines look great on this Ford pickup

More of the airbrush "real-fire" style

Looks racey doesn't it?

Historic flames.

Short seaweed style

Body color flames with highlights and outline

Long narrow flames with a seaweed style repetition.

Hot Rod Dan's flamed Ford

Jetter Flames

Outline Flames

Comment below and tell me your favorite style.

That's it for part 1, next time we'll do 2010-2011!

See you at a show,


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  1. coupe didn't show up on your list of "bad and the what were you thinking"!