Saturday, May 11, 2013

Event Coverage: 2013 Stray Kat 500 Part 6

Stray Kat 500 Coverage

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5,  Part 6

Jerry and Cynthia's 1936 Ford (I just shot a feature on it for a magazine, this is one incredible ride!)

Good to finally meet ya Dick!

StrayKatKustoms' Merc

Harry & Louise are road warriors

This was a new-to-me kustom

StrayKatKustoms' new daily driver, his own old 60 Chevy

Dan Greenburg shooting Shawn Mundy's wild pickup
Dan Greenburg doing  his thang.

Doc Parson's T (I have another version of this that I'm working on)

Dr. Dave out for a cruise

JD grabbing a snapshot.

Jennifer James of 232 Studios capturing the Toad
Jennifer James doing her thang.

That darned Duke got nabbed

Krobe being Krobe

Hiya Dan Greenburg!

Fast AL's Upholstery's award


Uh what?

Congrats Kevin!

A pair of kats.

My Galaxie (she needs to come down 2 more inches I'm thinking)

Headed home

Great clouds, with this strange fireball in the sky behind them.

The Sun finally came out 50 miles from home

Thanks for following along in my adventures, see you at a show,


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