Friday, May 17, 2013

Upcoming Event: Marysville AutoFest!

It was by complete random chance that I ran into the AutoFest show in Marysville, KS a couple of years ago. I had made a 4 hour trip each way to check out a shop I'd heard about outside of Omaha, NE and on the way home while I sat waiting for a pilot car for some road construction I was told of a car show just down the road.

I figured what the hell, and went to have a look. Here are the photos from that first visit.

So last year I went back. This time I ran into some old friends. Here are the photos from that visit.

And this year I will return. As part of the same event there is a BBQ competition and I happened to mention that to my BBQ buddies. Well, they decided that we were going to compete at this one, so we're loading up the smoker, a camper and we'll make a weekend out of it. Should be a heck of a trip.
The show goes down over the first weekend in June in Marysville, KS. Here's the only link I could find for info on the show. Come join us!

See you at a show,


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