Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pinstripe Art!

Pinstripe Art!

From the first shows that I attended with my cameras I've always been attracted to pinstripes. From the long lines pulled down a scallop paint job to the fantastic scroll work done to accent so many cars across the hot rod and kustom world.

Here are some of my favorites from this year's shows so far. If you are a pinstriper and I'm featuring some of your work below, let me know so I can give you credit and steer people to you for some lines on their ride.

Clint Rowe, outlining my new old school paint at the Starbird Devlin show.
Clint Rowe striping the new Jeff Myers paint job on my Galaxie 500

Fresh lines on Bill's Sledsel

Here's a different take on stripes, these done by Fast AL's Upholstery in Shawn Mundy's 34 Ford Pickup.

These stripes over the patina'd paint make a statement.

This 60 Chevy had some great paint and some way kool lines.

Okay so this is metal cut to look like stripes, still super bitchin'. This was one of the awards at the 2013 Lonestar Roundup.

More of the same type for sale in the Acme Speed Shop booth at the LSRU

I've always loved the tasteful elegance of the lines on the Toad.

Here are some of the usual hooligans taking advantage of the heat in the back of TwoTall's shop at the Stray Kat 500.

A Legend in his own mind. Ron Myers. Actually he's an honest to God legend. The man has striped just about everything that you could imagine and I'm sure a few things that I shouldn't.

A bunch of the pinstripers decided to decorate TwoTall's shop door. I will steal this door.

Find a pinstriper at a show, buy some of their art, pay them to create art on your ride, support kustom kulture artists if you enjoy it's existence!

See you at a show,



  1. Fantastic job Travis dear! I love your pictures so much, and I do believe this is the first picture of me you've had on your site. Hooray! ^.^

    1. I think so, there should be more of you and your work!